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Monthly tanning may be added to an agreement for only $15 a month. Members can also pay as you go, with no agreement for $25 per month. $40 for non-members. (plus tax)

**Individual tans available for $7 each (plus tax)**

Tornado Fitness is also a licensed tanning facility (additional fees required for this service). We provide a SunStar332 20 minute Sun Bed fitted with Wolff Velocity Plus lamps and facial lamps. The State of Oregon requires eye protection to be presented to staff before tanning at each visit.  (Beginning July 1, 2010, Oregon businesses offering indoor tanning services are required to collect a 10 percent excise tax on the indoor tanning services they provide. Providers of indoor tanning services should collect the 10 percent tax at the time the purchaser pays for the indoor tanning services.)